My name is Takia. I’m a licensed Esthetician and self-taught makeup artist. After working a long 15 year career in retail management. I decide to leave corporate America and pursue my life long passion in makeup and how it could enhance a women’s natural beauty. I would Beauty & Skin care. As a young teen I was always fascinated with watch videos for hours and read books on how to apply makeup and skincare regimens. During my studies at school. I learned that our skin is the largest barrier against infection that we have. Keeping our skin healthy and moist helps keep this barrier strong.

Make-up can be removed from the face but your skin is yours for life

I’m here to help you repair, maintain and give you all the essentials needed for your journey to BEAUTIFUL & HEALTHY skin.


Deep Cleanse Facial- $80

Deep Cleanse Facial W/ Dermaplaning- $99

Dermaplaning Only- $35

Oxygen Facial- $99

Vitamin C Facial- $99

Free Acne Consultation (30Mins)- Free

Back facial $85


Microneedling With Plasma- $299

Microneedling with plasma Bundle Deal

4 for $1080

6 for $1500

Microneedle Hair Rejuvenation- $225

Microneedle Hair Rejuvenation Bundle Deal

4 for $780

6 for $1050

Microneedling With Serum- $225

Microneedling With Serum Bundle deal

4 for $780

6 for $1050

Microneedling for stretch marks $225

Microneedling for stretch marks Bundle Deal

4 for $780

6 for $1050

Microneedling With BB Glow- $225


Bikini Bleaching $125

Bikini Bleaching Bundle Deal

4 for $440

6 for $600

Brazilian Bleaching $165

Brazilian Bleaching Bundle Deal

4 fo $600

6 for $780

Derriere Bleaching $125

Derriere Bleaching Bundle Deal

4 for $440

6 for $600

Inner Thigh Bleaching $99

Underarm Bleaching $99

Elbow Bleaching $85

Contact info:

Instagram @justakiabeauty
Cell 863-585-0693

We accept credit cards