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Introduction to Eyeliner Masterclass - Machine Method lush technique

Small group Dates 2024

April 19-20th (3 Seats left)


Learn The eyeliner Micropigmentation

Welcome Pretty mogul! Ready to start making 5-20k a month in a super fun industry!

I'm So glad you’ve taken the first step which is the most important step into your transformation! We’ve prepared the perfect step by step system to guide you on your new PMU journey and SMASH your goals!

Here we have a Small group class with live 2 day hands on instruction. We keep our classes small, to provide an exceptional learning environment and the ability to assist with undivided attention. Our classes are in depth with teaching color theory, needles, understanding the skin, machine, advanced techniques, marketing and understanding how to actually get paid with your new talent. We teach you not only how to do amazing unique work through our lush liner technique but also the WHY behind the science. You will also work hands on models to be fully confident. This will have you prepared to fully understand your new skill and career! This formula combined together we have found is the foundation to success in the micropigmentation industry and you creating beautiful ombre, combo and nano hairstroke brows.

Experienced Artist/Trainer – Maddy Jean

Hi I'm Maddy Jean, Owner of Maddy Jean PMU & Pretty Mogul. From Orlando, Florida. Senior Master Artsit and Educator specializing in the permanent makeup industry. I’m known for breaking down complex beauty techniques and business strategies into simple step- by -step methods, and helping my students become leaders within the PMU industry and create independent and joyful lives. I’ve been in the brow game since 2007 and in micropigmentation eyeliner practice since 2017. I’ve tried almost every technique ever created out there. 

My deep business and permanent makeup training is the foundation of my empire.

But things weren’t always so good. Back when I first started, I was a young mom of 3 boys, coming from a poor financial background and feeling scared and doubtful. My first ever training class turned out to be not so great, I was duped, by a “fake” unethical school and trainers, I lost thousands of dollars and was not able to perform the service even a little. However, I didn’t quit, I knew there was a way and I was on a mission to solve my financial problems through this industry. I knew if others were able to do it then I could too. So I researched and searched for top artists to train me…I never stopped. What started as a desperate quick-fix (for when I accidently shaved off my eyebrows when I was a kid ) Quickly grew to become one of the most powerful decisions of my life and im grateful every single day. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars, traveled and spent so many hours to bring to you a blueprint put together, a simple and step by step formula to help you reach your goals faster than myself and created the LUSHliner  technique so that you don’t have to go through all the problems I had when I first started.

Inside the art

This industry has a very high reward but it does require patience.

A lucrative business with high demand.

Think about this: On average eyeliner art procedures range from $350-$1,200 depending on your skill and location. Women are tired of putting on eyeliner and it smudging and running down, many women also want their eyes lifted and contoured so that they wake up looking awake and ready! There is a whole new set of people each year who realize their struggles and are looking for this technique!  Add this to your already existing services such as a hairstylist, esthetician, nail tech, waxer, barber or someone who wants to leave their current job and venture into becoming their own permanent makeup boss like Maddy Jean.

About the Instructor

Maddy has always had a love for everything beauty since she was a little girl. She discovered the PMU industry by accidently misshaping her brows when she was 15 years old. This resulted in Maddy having to draw her brows on daily, she got so frustrated with it she decided to get permanent makeup done for herself. One day she finally made the appointment, Drew on her brows as perfect as she could and went into the appointment. It changed her life, even though back then the techniques are nothing of what they are in todays time, it still had a tremendous effect on her, in a good way of course. She and her best friend went together to the service and was in amazement at how fast and how much money the artist was able to make in a day and upset she waited almost 10 years later to actually jump into the industry as an artist herself.

Here are the 3 secrets that are key to reclaiming ALL of your time and freedom back in just 2 days:

Secret #1- The #1 reason you aren’t bringing in 10k+ a month is skill and visibility

Secret #2- You don’t have to keep GRINDING at that food, retail, office or medical job

Secret #3- You don’t have to have years of experience in the beauty industry

“I am the happiest ive better been thanks to the permanent makeup industry”- Maddy Jean

Annual income projection:

- $350-$450 per client (tips not included)

2 Appointments per week - $33,600-$43,200

6 Appointments per week- !00,800- $129,600

10 Appointments per week-$168,000-$216,000

“This lush eyeliner technology training course is the complete formula I used to turn my passion into a THRIVING business.”

WHATS INCLUDED with the lush liner blueprint

  • (Prior to start you will have pre-Course instruction that you will work on at home at your convenience) The instructions will be sent to you once class is reserved.

  • 4 guided Online classes

  • Course manual

  • Consent and after care forms

  • Lifetime continued support and feedback within our private community

  • Live zoom meetings

  • Certificate of completion

What you will learn - Day 1

Introduction to micropigmentation

  • What is micropigmentation

  • Why clients choose to have the service

  • Microblading hand tools vs micropigmentation (machine work)

Marketing and business – Learn the beginning steps to setting up your business and attracting clients 

  • Social media marketing and growth strategies 

  • Creating your business name and business goals/structure

  • Goal setting for a clear path

  • How to properly take photos for visual attraction

  • Why ads are important

  • Learn how to find your target market

  • Apps to use for client portfolio, booking, marketing, photo finishing, business growth

  • Understanding the business side of your talent is critical to your success. This is one of the most important things when it comes to actually being able to “Sell” your work and make money! Maddy has a background in marketing experience and will teach you the “why” people buy and how to create marketing strategies. She will show you how social media can drive your business and how to create memorable content. Know tips and tricks that are needed to start a successful PMU business. 

Color Theory – Learn exactly what color to choose for each client

Understanding color is critical to the success of an artist.

  • Learn how skin undertones and pigment color change the outcome of your final healed result.

  • Learn how to mix colors properly for perfect application.

  • Learn how to read color charts and different brands of pigments.

  • Learn the different pigment types and understanding the foundation of pigment.

  • Learn how to pick the colors perfect for each client and not have the eyeliner turn color.

  • Learn why certain colors are used for certain skin tones.

Skin Theory 

  • Learn about the anatomy of the skin and eyes

  • Learn about the different skin types

  • Learn about scars and how to work with them

  • Contraindications

  • Learn how to stretch the skin properly for easy application

Eye styles

  • Learn the proper eye designs.

  • Learn how to choose the correct style and shape for your client.

  • Learn hand placement and body placement.

  • Learn how to insert the designs correctly without your body giving out.

Watch a live demo of the actual procedure where the instructor will show you in real time live on a human how to do the exact procedure step by step

Day 2

Machinery and needle knowledge

Understanding the machines and needle types is one of the most important fundamentals in this industry.

  • Learn different types of needles and machines.

  • Learn the correct choice of needle, speed or machine for the style of brow your looking to create.

  • Learn the different looks each needle creates

  • Learn the correct pressure needed for perfect healed results

  • Learn the correct depth needed to place pigment

  • Needles and machines are like paint brushes, each one creates a different look. Many trainers teach of only one technique or needle type. We feel that is leaving you with a ton of questions in your mind. Understanding the full scope of the “paint brushes” will lead you to understanding your work and provide outstanding results.

  • Live practice with the machines and different needle options

Safety and sanitization

  • Learn the correct Disposal protocal

  • Learn the simplest station Set up

  • Learn how to avoid Cross contamination

  • Learn about Personal protection

  • Learn PMU cleaning and disinfecting steps

Skin knowledge

  • Learn the Different eye types that you will come across

  • Learn what skin type works with what technique

  • Learn the Fitzpatrick scale and how to decipher skin tones

Patterns and shading techniques

  • Learn how to use what technique for which client

  • Learn Shading vs lining

  • Learn the perfect Practice methods

The Procedure

  • Learn angles for your body and hands to implant the pigment the simplest and precise way without overworking of your muscles

  • Learn about the 3 point stretch for best healed results with eyes

  • Learn Hand motions to implant ink corerectly

  • Learn how to correctly Numb the skin without effecting your results

  • Learn about Scars and mole protocal

  • Hands on work on live models

  • Pre-instruction

  • Post instruction

  • Intake forms

Live hands on model work

And not to worry, Models will be provided for you if you are not able to bring any

  • With instructor supervision and guidance you yourself will work on live models from start to finish

  • Wrap up of course

  • Gain certification

*YOU must work on a live model to get certified

*Once the course is completed you will have lifetime continued support and access to our private support group

Yay! Your on your way to becoming an elite artist! Once you’ve completed the course you will be certified. Access to support groups and live classes. You will receive a kit included with your training to begin working right away. All students receive support and shadow access so you can come in and watch until you feel comfortable for up to 6 months which times will be coordinated with instructor. Classes are between 2 days, 9-5 each day. Maddy will do everything possible to ensure you have a great experience and will teach you everything you need to succeed.

!Kits include - Pigments, numbing gel, shaping pencils, practice pads, measuring string, color wheel, microbrushes, pigment cups, Stencil kit -All top quality products that Maddy uses on her clients.

Pricing- Lushlines – Simple Eyeliner lash enhancement 2 Days small group in person training - $1,990.00

2 days (1 on 1 Private) in person training $2,990.00 Please email info@maddyjeanmicroblading.com for info on 1 on1 classes.

Remember this is NOT manual soft tap. Maddy has stopped providing the invasive “microblading , soft tap, manual” or hand method procedures over 4 years ago and has found that micropigmentation lush technique is THE BEST and most innovative way to create eyelines. This provides the clients with better healed results, most natural looks, does not cut or scar the skin like microblading, does not keloid and colors heal more vibrant. Lush actually enhances and stimulates hair growth. Don’t get fooled by the “microblading or soft tap” term as that is the wave of the past and is slowly becoming a frowned upon procedure. Remember our main goal is to guide you to EXCELLENCE, no half ass nothing here.

A $600 non-refundable deposit is required to secure spot. Full balance must be paid by 7 days prior to start of class.Thanks so much we cannot wait to teach you the exact steps to becoming a 6 figure beauty boss in this fantastic industry! See you soon!

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