All procedures take 4-6 weeks to be fully healed. However, there is an initial healing phase and that is what most people are meaning when they say "healed".

Lips initial scabbing 4-10 days

Eyebrows initial scabbing 7-10 days

Eyeliner initial scabbing 4-7 days

LIPS - Color will be very bright and strong. Lips may be swollen for about 3 days. Bruising can occur but not for everyone. Once healed color fades about 50% and heals to a pretty colored lipstick/lipstain/ blushed look depending on what color you chose.

EYEBROWS - Color will be darker and intense looking, which many girls actually like during this time, once healed brows will lighten and soften for a natural look.

EYELINER/LASH ENHANCEMENT - Color will be very dark initially. Little to no bruising. Swelling can occur slightly and subsides usually in 2 days.

Over time permanent makeup fades. So over the years the color gradually becomes lighter so that we can then retouch them and alter the color or shape to what you desire.

Over time permanent makeup fades. So over the years the color gradually becomes lighter so we can retouch them and alter the color and shape to the style you want.

Retention has many factors, Skin type, age, skin tone and daily skin routines can all be factors in how long it will last you.

LIPS - average is 2 years

EYES - average is 2-4 years

EYEBROWS - average is 1-4 years depending on the technique you choose

Yes! Absolutely, they heal extremely well and have very natural results.
We use highest strength topical numbing gel available. Each individual will vary. Once numbed most women say they do not feel anything and are very comfortable.

Yes! You will have very natural looking results. Many times women claim it has actually helped grow more hair on their brows.

Not a problem! That was actually what it was invented for. You will have very natural beautiful results.

Must be removed before an eyeliner/lash enhancement procedure.

Not a problem! We can touch up and revise your look for you.

Microblading is on pigment placed on the top layers of the skin with a small handheld non digital pen. It is a softer technique and will fade a little faster than the ultra brow technique.

I perform the ultra brows with state of the art digital machine made by a german company nouveau contour. This allows the pigment to be placed deeper in the clients tissue. This does not mean that it hurts more or less than microblading, both are minimal in pain.

Microblading are little strokes of pigment as powder is just one full color similar to if you were to pencil or powder fill your brows with makeup.

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