Hello beautiful people let me start by introducing myself my name is Tavita (Bodysculptbyvita) I'm a License esthetician that specializes in body contouring, waxing and teeth whitening.

Now let me give you beautiful people a little back story on how I began my journey.

I'm a mother of two beautiful children. I moved to Orlando a couple years ago from Houston Texas with no plan or direction at all. I was working a regular 9-5 job that I wasn't happy with. I always knew as a small kid that one day I wanted to have my own business making people look more beautiful than they already are, but I could never seem to build the courage to quit my job and step out of faith! Until one day I said to myself, "If I continue to work this hard for someone else business, I will never know what it will be like to work for myself!" I woke up feeling like everyone else around me was passing me up and I was stuck. I knew at the point I had to make a change for my babies and myself. I could not take working for someone else anymore then I started saving money and took a leave of absent from work and never looked back!

Now here I am your next esthetician in Orlando (BodySculptByVita) and the newest member of Dejean beauty! I'm so grateful they gave me the opportunity to explore my dreams with them and allowing me to serve my community.


  • Body Sculpting Package $450

  • Laser Lipo $90

  • Vacuum Therapy $125

  • Sauna Blanket Detox $60

  • Radio Frequency (RF) $85

  • Cavitation, Body Molding and Skin lightening $130

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