Permanent Makeup by Yesidoesbrows

Hey Beautiful! My name is Yesenia (Yesi for short), I am a signature artist for permanent make up under DeJean Beauty.

Ever since I was a child I was always fascinated with the beauty industry. I was pretty much raised in the beauty culture. My mother would have my sisters and I, go with her to the salon every week. Being around beauty professionals and witnessing the beginning and end of beauty transformations, seeing the confidence a client would have after the service was performed, leaves a distinct mark in my memory and from there I knew this is what I want to do, this is my passion.

I became a mom at the age of 16 and took the accelerated route to graduate from high school. I jumped into college and pursued a career in the medical field with the mindset of work stability and in the healthcare industry there is always a need.

Long story short, I found myself unhappy and miserable within the medical field. I wanted out. I knew this wasn't what I wanted to do, this wasn't my calling. I knew beauty was what I wanted to do. So I developed the courage to quit and fully immerse myself into certification courses and perfecting my skills as an artist. It would be an honor for me to enhance your beauty.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me.
I can't wait to meet you, stay beautiful!

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