Lush Lip Blush Training

Taught by Master Artist Maddy Jean


Maddy Jean


Private class or small group



Lush LIP blush

Small group or private 1 on 1 classes are available. We keep our classes small, usually 1-4 people, to provide an exceptional learning environment and the ability to assist with undivided attention. Our classes are in depth with teaching color theory, needles, understanding the skin, machine, advanced techniques as well as marketing and understanding how to actually get paid with your new talent. 

Experienced Artist/Trainer

Teaching you is an experienced artist who fell into the career by going through the experience of having no eyebrows herself. This has her experienced in understanding clients wants and needs. With an esthetics background and understanding skin at an exceptional level, she excelled. Maddy has been in the brow game for 14 years and 5 years in micropigmentation. She has trained with world-renowned artists from all over the globe. Her brain is full of knowledge and she never stops learning to provide you with exactly what you need to know to succeed. She is fully updated with all the latest techniques, trends and products.

Maddy has designed a program that teaches you to understand how to with lips and hand movements. She shows you exactly what you need to practice on and provides you with the tools and guidelines to accomplish your goals. Basically the “HOW TO”. How to get the job done the RIGHT way that will have you standing out from your competitors. Maddy’s goal is to have you feeling confident and fully comfortable working on clients once you finish. Knowing the basic fundamentals correctly is what is going to keep you in the game strong and long. 

Inside the art

Jump into the world of beauty. This is a lucrative business with high demand. On average Lip art procedures range from $350-$700 depending on your skill and location. Add this to your already existing services such as a hairstylist, esthetician, nail tech, barber or someone who wants to venture into becoming their own boss.

Color Theory

Understanding color is critical to the success of an artist. Learn how skin/lip undertones and pigment color change the outcome of your final healed result. Learn how to mix colors properly. Understanding how to read color charts and different brands of pigments. Learn the different pigment types and understanding the foundation of pigment as to make the correct choice based on the clients end result desires.

Machinery and needle knowledge

Understanding the machines and needle types is one of the most important fundamentals in this industry. Learn different types of needles and machines. Understanding the correct choice of needle, speed or machine for the style your looking to create. Working with all different types of artists Maddy understands the different effects needles can create. Needles and machines are like paint brushes, each one creates a different look. Many trainings teach of only one technique or needle type. We feel that is leaving you with a ton of questions in your mind. Understanding the full scope of the “paint brushes” will lead you to understanding your work and able to provide outstanding results.

Lip styles

Learn how to choose the correct color for your client. Also what style they desire, do they want a bolder look or a softer natural effect? We will teach you how to create different looks for each client.

Lip shaping

Learn how to properly draw the lip contour. Create a symmetric look for each individual.

Class syllabus

  • Introduction to Micropigmentation

  • What is lip blush

  • Why clients choose the service

Safety and Sanitization

  • Disposal

  • Set up

  • Cross contamination

  • Personal protection

  • Cleaning and disinfecting steps

Skin knowledge

  • Different skin types

  • What skin type works with what technique

  • Fitzpatrick scale



Color theory




Needles and machine





The Procedure

  • Correct angle

  • Body placement

  • 3 point stretch

  • Hand motion

  • Numbing

  • Scars and moles

  • Hands on work on models

  • Pre-instruction

  • Post instruction

  • Intake forms

Marketing and business

  • How to take pictures

  • Basic marketing rules

Yay! Your on your way to becoming an elite artist! Once you’ve completed the course you will be certified. Access to facebook groups and support groups. You will receive a kit included with your training to begin working right away. All students receive lifelong support and shadow access so you can come in and watch until you feel comfortable.

Schedule - 9-5 lunch break, Mini breaks (snacks provided)

Kits include - Pigments, needles or blades, numbing gel, shaping tools, pencils, practice pads. All top quality products

Pricing -
2 Days small group (3-4) Beginners 1,990.00
2 Days (1 on 1 Private) 2,690.00
*Additional days can be added as advanced 1 on 1 private training $990 per day as an add-on

A 50% non - refundable deposit is required to secure your spot. Full balance must be paid upon 1st day of class

All training inquiries please fill out form below. Thanks so much we cannot wait to teach you all our tips and tricks of this fantastic industry! See you soon!

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