Takia Beauty

Classic 1 on 1 Lash training
(8 Hour course) $599

Classic Lashes

You will learn the art of lashing! Takia is an experienced esthetician and creative lash artist. You will learn the basic fundamentals of lash artistry. This will help you to excel amongst competitors. Knowing the proper way to apply, cleanse and fill lashes will give you the edge you need to last in this industry.

● Training Mannequin
● Starter lash kit
● Training Manual
● Certificate of completion

Lash Mapping

Learn how to properly apply lashes onto the client. We teach you not only how to apply but also the WHY. Knowing this helps you better understand the formulas to give your client long lasting results.

Adhesive Safety
(Refills and removals)

Learn how to properly refill and remove your clients lashes. This is very important to the outcome of lasting returning clients. Filling lashes is slightly different than a new set and the fundamentals are taught here. Removal of lashes is also a very important procedure. You must now these techniques to be able to excel in your craft. Once again we teach not only the HOW but also the WHY.

Lash Care

Learn how to properly cleanse your clients lashes. We will also teach you how to show your clients at home care.

$350 non-refundable deposit required to secure your spot. Full balance must be paid upon the start of class.

We accept credit cards